This is just the beginning.

On our last full day in Salvador, we had our farewell lunch. It is a wonderful way to begin to show our gratitude for the people and places that have touched our lives while we were here. The magic that happens on the trip is hard to capture in words or pictures. As a group and individually, we have all grown and been changed by this experience.  I know that this part of our experience, the closure of our in-country stay, is just the beginning of our understanding of how much impact and transformation will occur. The changes will  be felt far into the future as this trip is just the start of what this experience has to offer. So, we will have to say goodbye or see you soon,  and bring a piece of this wonderful city and its people with us back to the U.S in photos, souvenirs, warm memories and a few extra pounds in our suitcases, (or because of the moms’ wonderful cooking). There, when we unpack all of this, we will really digest all of what we consumed here – and finally begin to understand its impact. 

Ate em breve,




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