Vroom: Boosting Early Learning

An interesting retweet appeared in my Twitter feed recently.  It was from Vroom.  “Vroom?  What’s that?”, I wondered.  Upon further investigation, I discovered Vroom to be an excellent source of brain building activities for young children from birth through five.

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 5.01.23 PMIn Vroom’s own words: “New science tells us that our children’s first years are when they develop the foundation for all future learning. Every time we connect with them, it’s not just their eyes that light up – it’s their brains. In these moments, half a million neurons fire at once, taking in all the things we say and do. We can’t see it happening, but it’s all there, all at work. That’s why Vroom is here.  Vroom turns shared moments into brain-building moments. Whether it’s mealtime, bath time, or anytime in between, there are always ways to nurture our children’s growing minds”.

There are several ways to connect with Vroom: on the web, on Twitter, via apps for Android and iOS.  Finally, on the Vroom website, there is a PDF of activities to download, and it includes activities for all ages.

Happy Vrooming!


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