Exterior Built Environment Description: Candler Park

The Exterior environment chosen for this project was Candler Park. Candler Park was first opened back in 1874. It was erected by the park committee in 1932. Candler Park is located 585 Candler Park Dr. NE, Atlanta, GA 30307. This park caters to people of all ages and includes many sports related spaces. The biggest sport played there is golf, which has 2,064 yards dedicated to it, that includes 9 holes and a par of 31. The park also includes a basketball court and a field where different sports can be played, for example, football and soccer. The park also has a pool opened to all ages during the summer season.
Candler Park has a significant importance in history because it is the site where Sweeny’s Division spent 24 hours in a line that crossed through the southwest area of the park. At the park, there is actually a sign that was placed in order to show where the event in history took place, and to give visitors a brief description of what took place. Throughout the park, there are signs that give a brief history of different areas of the park. Signs placed at the entrance give information on the park and important people that help contribute to the park. At the playground, there are also signs that give information specifically about the playground, such as when it was built and who contributed to the playground. The signs are normally placed on the entrance gates of the different areas of the park. The signs help to make it easy to navigate around the park.
Candler Park is a very open park and each area of the park is given an adequate amount of space in order to focus on the specific thing that space is dedicated to. To get to most of the park areas, the main gate is used, which has a one-way street that connects all areas of the park, except the golf course. The golf course can be accessed from driving around the outskirts of the park but its main building is located on Candler Park Drive.
Visiting Candler Park was a very nice and relaxing experience. The park was filled with many trees and green scenery. The park feels very welcoming to people of all ages because of the many different things they offer. The park is all about bringing the community together. Whether young or old many activities are planned in an attempt to bring people of all ages. The park swimming pool is also another way to attract all ages because of the many different activities offered, such as swimming lessons for all ages. Candler Park opened their own website in order to spread the information on the park, including upcoming events.

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