The Call

What can be deciphered of Brandon Lawson’s phone call to the police is full of panic and urgency. While there are several discrepancies regarding the exact circumstances regarding the call, several things are quite clear. Brandon Lawson ran out of gas, he’s in a field, he needs the cops, they need to hurry, and multiple people are involved in the situation. Throughout the phone call, Brandon sounds short of breath as if he’s been running, is caught in a stressful situation, or both. According to the Centre for Clinical Interventions, when the body reacts to the fight or flight response there is “an increase in the rate and depth of breathing. This allows more oxygen to be taken into the body.” (Centre for Clinical Interventions). This explains the difficulty often associated with understanding Brandon’s 911 call in addition to supporting the theory that Brandon was dealing with a threatening situation, likely leading to foul play. Theories exist regarding the number of people Brandon is with, where he is in reference to other towns, if a state trooper was involved and whether or not gun shots are heard. While these are all relevant questions it does not negate Brandon’s need for the cops, most probably due to a life threatening situation. Below are two possible interpretations of what Brandon says to the police responder as interpreted by Missing Persons of America and The Lost & Missing.


9-1-1 Emergency: 9-1-1 Emergency
Brandon: Yes, I’m in the middle of a field. (Escaped. We)? just pushed some guys over. We’re out her going towards Abeline on both sides. My truck ran out of gas. There’s one car here. A guy’s chasing me through the woods. Please hurry!
9-1-1 Emergency: Ok, now run that by me one more.
Brandon: There’ll be no talking to ’em. I accidentally ran into ’em.
9-1-1 Emergency: Oh, you ran into ’em? Ok.
(someone says something in the background)
Brandon: (inaudible) the first guy
(loud noise like a gunshot in background)
9-1-1 Emergency: Do you need an ambulance?(someone says something in the background at the same time)
**It sounds like Brandon chuckles and says yeah. Some people say it is not Brandon’s voice saying yeah.
Right after that**
Brandon: No, I need the cops.
9-1-1 Emergency: Ok. Is anybody hurt. Hello? Hello? Hello?
Brandon does not respond. A background noise gets louder and louder as if it is getting closer and closer to the phone. (Missing Persons of America)

2013; 050 and 38 seconds {a ding heard is recording equipment}
9-1-1 Emergency: 9-1-1 Emergency?
Brandon: Yes, I’m in the middle of the field …***(inaudible)…..right here, goin’ towards Abiline, on both sides…… truck ran out of gas… there’s one car here…….it (or I) got taken through woods. Please hurry.
9-1-1 Emergency: Ok. Now. Run that by me…..?
Brandon: ( inaudible) – (possible “No, we’re not talking to em” (inaudible- possible: “no I ran into em”)
9-1-1 Emergency: Ahhh…you ran into them? Ok.
Brandon :(inaudible- Possibly saying… “yes, the first guy” or “not, the first guy.”)
9-1-1 Emergency: Do you need an ambulance?
Possible Unknown Person says: “yes” (this can be heard when tape is slowed)
(for that person to respond, the phone had to be on speaker phone or settings was loud that the unknown person could hear the dispatcher question. If there was no unknown person with Brandon, it is possible that he said “yes” and his own voice changed rapidly to voice “No, I need the cops.”)
Brandon: “No, I need the cops.”
9-1-1 Emergency: Is anyone hurt?
9-1-1 Emergency: Hello?
(Original tape has three hello’s.)
9-1-1 Emergency: Hello?
9-1-1 Emergency: Hello? (The Lost n Missing)

These two transcripts are only slightly different. The Missing Persons of America hear what a good majority of people hear, gunshots and multiple people. The Lost n Missing transcript does not mention hearing gunshots, a point that is often contested, but does agree that there could be another person with Brandon. Both transcripts are certain that Brandon is in need of police officers. If Brandon were not in some sort of danger, what would be the purpose in calling the cops? The most likely conclusion, using the transcripts from his call to the police and what is know about how the body responds to threatening situations, is that Brandon Lawson met with foul play.

Above is a map view of the area Brandon Lawson most likely died at, in satellite view one can see the terrain surrounding the area.