Into The Night

Brandon Lawson, a 26-year-old man from Texas, left his home after an argument with his girlfriend (often referred to as his common-law wife), Ladessa, at 11:53pm on August 8, 2013 (Missing Brandon Lawson). He intended to drive to his father’s house but ran out of gas while on the way there. Brandon phoned his brother, asking him to bring Brandon a gas can.  At 12:53am police received a call from Brandon describing an altercation and the need for officers to be sent to the area immediately (San Angelo Live). At 12:58am a call was made to the police by a trucker passing Brandon’s truck, informing the police that the truck was parked partially in the road (San Angelo Live). Brandon’s brother, along with the brother’s girlfriend, arrived at the truck around the same time as an officer, at 1:10am, responding to the report of  the dangerously parked truck (San Angelo Live). While with the officer, Brandon’s brother and his girlfriend received a call from Brandon saying he was up the road and bleeding. This is the last anyone has heard from Brandon Lawson. While many theories have surfaced regarding Brandon’s disappearance, the most likely conclusion, based on his stated plan and later actions as well as his frantic 911 call, is that Brandon Lawson met with foul play.

Brandon Lawson with one of his four children.