How to Edit a Link in Your WordPress Site Menu

For those of you in Mrs. Arrington’s English 1102 class, the link for the submission form under the “Projects” drop-down menu is for Dr. Wharton’s class.

Here are the steps to resolve this issue below (WITH PICTURES [click to enlarge]):

  1. View your “Dashboard”, ¬†find and hover the ¬†“Appearance” tab, and click the “Menu” link.Step 1
  2. Locate the “Submission Form” box.Step 2
  3. Click the arrow next t the “Custom Link” text. Highlight and delete the text in the URL field.Step 3
  4. Copy the link to Mrs. Arrington’s Google Doc ( 4
  5. After pasting the link into the URL field box, save the menu.Step 5