Participation | 400-??? Points

~Ask not what you can do to earn credit for this course; ask what you will do to earn as many points as you possibly can.

During the course of the semester we invite you to engage with the course material and assignments, with your peers and with your instructors, consistently and in inventive ways. We will assign points to your work reflecting the level of your participation both inside and outside of class. We will also subtract points for failing to participate (e.g., missing class) so as to fairly reflect your level of engagement with the course concepts. Your goal is to accrue as many points as possible during the semester.


If you complete all of the major projects, come to class prepared, and miss only four class meetings (two class meetings for hybrid sections), you will earn at least 1,475 points. Once you complete all of the major projects and accrue 2,500 points, you will automatically receive an A in the course!!!

Your points will be recorded on THIS google doc and available for you to view at any time.


We hope to encourage your participation by offering points as follows, but please suggest your own projects and activities for potential points:

Study group organization and participation: up to 25

Individual office hour visit: 20

Group meetings with instructor: 20

Blog posts reflecting practice of course concepts: up to 50

Constructive commentary on blogs: 15

Extra submissions to image, sound, site description repositories:10/per

Extra reading summaries: up to 50/per

Add an “about me” page to your website: 20

Create Facebook groups around topics, projects or readings: up to 50

Contribute to the glossary of terms: 15 per

Contribute markers to collaborative Google map: 10 per

Complete tutorials from Writer’s Help: 20 per

Complete tutorial on a relevant technology: up to 50

Suggest something!

**Be sure to let us know when you have completed points-potential work that doesn’t automatically get counted. Generally, you will do this by writing up your work as a blog post and submitting the link to your post via the submission form. This gives us opportunity to discuss the work with you and give you general feedback you can take to your work as a whole.

Due Dates and Rewards

While participation is ongoing, you can earn rewards by accruing points early, and some opportunities for earning extra points expire when the major project with which they are associated expire.


The top points earners in each section will be rewarded periodically:

  • January 25th: The top five earners from each section will be given first pick of exteriors for the first built environment description
  • February 15th: The top five earners from each section will be given first pick of interiors for the second built environment description
  • February 29th: The top five earners from each section will be given first pick of digital spaces for the third built environment description
  • March 28th: The top two earners from each section will be given first pick of all built environments for the built environment analysis or the option of curating a collaborative website built from a group of their peers’ built environment analyses (This is excellent experience and resume material!)

To make things interesting, small prizes (e.g., Starbucks gift cards, coupons for local businesses, etc.) will also be awarded to points leaders each week.

Expiration Dates

While points will be awarded for class attendance and participation, study groups, group conferences, office hours meetings, and other forms of participation throughout the semester, opportunities for earning points associated with major projects will expire when the course unit with which they are associated end:

  • Reading Summaries for Unit 1 Readings: February 1
  • Reading Summaries for Unit 2 Readings: February 22
  • Reading Summaries for Unit 3 Readings: March 14
  • Exterior Built Environment Descriptions: February 19
  • Interior Built Environment Descriptions: March 11
  • Digital Built Environment Descriptions: April 8
  • Bibliography Annotations: April 1

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