There is one main pavilion with seating and one small pavilion with grills and a fireplace. There are eight benches scattered around the outside of the seating pavilion. The floor of the pavilion is octagonal. The smaller pavilion off to the side has four grills and a large fireplace. The pavilion is by the tennis courts and has bleacher seating facing the xylophones and the baseball field.



This fence runs from the tennis courts to the pavilions and xylophones. It is divided into three sections. Each section has colored segments. The first section has yellow pictures, while the other two have red sections. The art on each section has musical themes and people dancing. On the other side of the panels, the yellow are green and the red are blue. The green and blue sides have Egyptian hieroglyphics on them. They’re the same hieroglyphics on the tiles by the xylophones.



The playground is divided into two sections with a small middle piece. It is a typical playground with slides, monkey bars, swings, and climbing areas. The ground is rubbery mulch. There are two sets of swings, one set of four for small children and one set of four normal swings.



There are eight exercise machines in the park. Each works different muscles, though most were in the arms. Signs on each machine explain how to use it and which muscles it works. There were also pull up bars in two heights. The area was off to the side of the playground for kids.



Coan Park has a large baseball field. There is bleacher seating on a hill overlooking it. The field is lit with spotlights and fenced in. There is a dugout with two benches. On the side facing away from the home plate is a sign advertising Blue Cross Blue Shield.



Coan Park has a music section with wooden and metal xylophones. Each has mallets attached at the bottom to use. These are three sections of xylophones. Each section also includes a set of wooden pipes to make music with. The xylophone keys start around the size of an arm at the largest and shrinks to the size of a hand.