Key Word search terms

Some key words I used for my research include:

  • “built environment”
  • city, history
  • Atlanta
  • public transportation
  • parks

I mixed and matched to find the best results. Most of the searches including “built environment” gave the best results. Others such as the search “Atlanta history” were more useful when specifics such as park or public transportation were added.

Syllabus Quiz

What are the major projects? In a bulleted list, provide links to the project descriptions for each of them.

How will your final grade be calculated?

Grades are calculated with a point-based system. Students who earn 2,500 points will receive an A, while the rest are determined by the top points earned in each section.

What is the “submission form” and how do you use it?

Embed the form below your answer (hint: Google “embed Google form” to find out how).

The submission form is the method of turning in work done on a student’s blog. To use it, one simply has to fill it out and submit it.

Embed the course calendar and weekly overview below this question.

Where on the course website can you find an overview of what’s due and the readings for each unit?

One can find a unit overview as well as a weekly agenda under the calendar section.

What is the best way to see an overview of what’s due each week?

The best way to see an overview of what’s due is to look at the agenda section under the calendar header.

What is the attendance policy?

If one misses class, 20 points will be subtracted from his or her total. Tardiness will also result in the loss of 10-20 points. The only excused absences are the ones listed in the student handbook: university-sponsored events, religious holidays, and legal obligations. Family emergencies or extended illness will be looked at on a case-by-case basis.

What are my office hours, and how do you make an appointment to see me outside of class?

Office hours are Tuesdays at 9:30am – 11:30am. and appointments can be made through email.

How do you earn participation credit? Provide a link to the instructions/guidelines for particiption.

Participation can be earned in countless different ways. Some examples of participation include attending class, going to study groups, making blog posts, creating Facebook groups, and contributing to the glossary of terms.


How many points can you earn by participating in or organizing a study group session?

One can earn up to 25 points.

How can you be assured of earning an “A” in this course?

One must reach 2,500 points.

What are the minimum requirements for earning a passing grade of “C”?

To get a C, one must go to class and complete the four major projects.

What do you do if you’re not sure how to document your participation in order to earn points?

If one doesn’t know how to document his or her participation, they should ask before or after class or stop by the professor’s office during office hours.