Student Blogging: The Straight Skinny

If you are considering using sites@gsu in the classroom but feel overwhelmed or confused about how to put this plan into action, look no further. Learn painless ways of instructing students with blog set up and how to manage the logistics of grading and verifying student activity through the sites@gsu platform.

I’ve used blogging and social media in my studio and lecture courses for the last 6 years. I’ve experienced the use of multiple platforms and approached objectives in a wide variety of ways – some successful, some not. The way that I currently utilize blogging in my lecture courses (both online, and face-to-face) has been my most satisfying attempt and so this blog is designed to share a bit about what I’ve learned by trial and error.

If you’re thinking about using student blogs and have logistical questions about assignments, class management, or assessment – or would like examples of student resources – please contact me: