Xin Qi

Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics & Statistics
Georgia State University

Office: 25 Park Place, Room 1319
Phone: (404) 413-6453


  • Research Interest:

    • Functional data analysis: linear and nonlinear functional regression models;  highly densely observed spiky functional data; functional data in two-dimensional space; functional wavelet regression; dimension reduction for functional data;  functional principal component analysis.
    • High dimensional data analysis: sparse linear regression for high-dimensional predictor variables and scalar or multivariate response variables, sparse linear and Fisher’s discriminant analysis, sparse principal component analysis.
    • Parameter estimation in dynamical systems: parameter estimation in ordinary differential equations and partial differential equations.
    • Applications of statistics to data in biology, medical images, environmental science, etc.
  • Publications and Manuscripts

  • Software: R packages and R codes 


  • Courses taught:

    • Applied functional data analysis (STAT 8550)
    • Biostatistics (MATH4544/6544, BIOL4744/6744)
    • Computational Methods in Statistics (STAT 8670)
    • Elementary Statistics (MATH 1070)
    • Experimental Designs (STAT 8630)
    • Mathematical Statistics I (MATH 4751/6751)
    • Mathematical Statistics II (MATH 4752/6752)
    • Linear Regression Analysis I (STAT 8561)
    • Probability Theory (STAT 8600)
    • Time Series Analysis (STAT 8610)