Cool Tools to Use in School

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What is a Tools Wiki?

The Tools Wiki is a space, built by GSU students for GSU students, to help you select the digital tool that is right for your presentation, assignment, project, or just for future reference.

Did You Know?

Georgia State University has several physical spaces where you can also get assistance learning how to use digital tools and to become more tech savvy? And it’s all free! Visit CURVE in the library to see what resources are available to you there. Or check out the Digital Aquarium where you can get assistance on a project, or even check out equipment. But make sure you plan ahead, because there isn’t always someone available to show you around or help with your project.


If you have suggestions, additions, or examples you would like to share we would love to hear from you in the comments which you can leave below, or on any of the individual tools pages.

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