Reflections On Learning New Skills


As practicing creatives and persons who cultivate creativity in others, we are engaged in continuous learning cycles. We make, tinker, design, invent, and explore through our personal learning pursuits, but we also engage and support others in these practices. Therefore, it is helpful for us to reflect on how we learn and acquire new skills, as well as why these learning experiences are necessary for creative development. 

This week, we are sharing content that invites you to read, listen, watch, and do something that encourages you to think about how you learn new skills and hopefully, inspires you to embark on a new-to-you learning pursuit. You’ll read about characteristics of self-directed learners and specific online resources that are available for learning new things. You’ll watch a TedTalk that shares how you can get the most out of the time you spend learning something new. You’ll listen to a podcast about the power of deliberate practice and then you’ll explore a site called Skillshare where experts offer video courses for a variety of creative skills. 

Happy learning!