Outline: Built Environment Analysis

  • The vibrant colors embedded in the exterior built environment of Peachtree Street when juxtaposed to the dull and dilapidated colors of Auburn Street showcases the wealth and class disparity between both environments.
  • Auburn
    • color is gray, and different shades of brown
    • People create their own color with graffiti
    • Poorer neighborhood
    • More crime
    • inhabitants minorities


  • Peachtree Street
    • has brown and dull colors on certain buildings( law firms), but they are clean and crisp not like Auburn Street
    • Color can be seen on signs for restaurants, roads, signs. The city and owners create colors
    • Richer neighborhood
    • receives a lot of money from city
    • Less crime
    • Tourists and those who live there are not minorities


  • Both started out flourishing
    • Auburn- blacks
    • Peach tree street- white
    • Both had vibrant colors
  • Now Auburn isn’t thriving lost its color
  • Peach tree street still thriving has color
  1. intro
  2. map of peach tree and auburn
  3. description of history( talk about color)
  4. talk about how auburn went down but peach tree street stayed the same and in some ways got better
  5. different colors in each of those places and what they look like now
  6. why those colors are the way they are
  7. and how that represents the minorities and wealth gap