Interior Built Environment

View from the outside of the student center.
View from the outside of the student center.

The student center is located in the center of the Georgia State Campus. It is a three story building that was built with the student in mind. Everything from the water fountains to the eateries accommodate the many different kinds of students at the college.



The hallways are lined with colorful pictures and paintings that make the big building feel comfortable and homey. The building is very easy to navigate and has different signs to help a student find different destinations in the building. And if someone was to get lost there are many helpful staff members that are willing to assist. The building is also connected to many other GSU buildings on campus which make it very easy to find.

The student canter has many elements just for the betterment of students. There are places where people can rent electronics, study, and even color in coloring books and relax.  There are also comfortable chairs lining the halls, as well as outlets everywhere for charging laptops and phones. There are even portable chargers for many different kinds of phones for students to use.

There is also a ballroom were various events and parties are held. Many of the rooms in the center can be rented out for organizations and personal use.

All in all, every aspect of the Student Center was built with the Georgia State Student in mind. This can be seen from the exterior of the building that has various benches, emergency boxes, and statues to encourage students.

To the interior of the building with restaurants, lockers, and relaxing places for students. The various elements of the buildings are advertised on the GSU website and catalogs which all target the GSU student. Facility and staff are also welcomed in the building, though it is not as accommodating to them as it is to a student.

The student center is a great place for students to go relax, eat, and socialize which are all things that college kids love to do.



Field Notes: Interior Built Environment

    • Before I even walk into the student center I can tell all the money, hard work, and thought that went into building it.
  • The exterior
    • Police box and lights for safety
    • Everything even garbage cans rep GSU
    • There are various bridges, doors, underground/ ground level exits that connect to different buildings
    • Benches to sit and relax
    • Assessable for handicap
  • 1st Floor
    • Place to eat with many people
    • Bathrooms assemble to men, women, handicap
    • Emergency kits
    • Water foundation (like 6 in a row at different levels assemble for all heights)
    • Places to charge phone
    • Lamps
    • Atm
    • Vending machine
    • Lockers
    • Refurnishing
  • 2nd / 3rd Floor
    • A lot of paintings on walls
    • People sitting on chairs
    • Sleeping in chairs
    • People doing homework
    • Seats are very comfortable (and are everywhere)
    • Various rooms designed for students
      • Digital aquarium
      • Recording studio
      • Rooms to study
      • Rooms to relax
  • Sound
    • Loud by food court
    • Pretty quiet everywhere else
  • Look
    • Looks crisp modern very elegant
    • But the decorations, artifacts, and paintings make it look edgy and artsy
      • Some walls remind me of an art gallery
  • Feel
    • Perfect temperature very well regulated


  • All in all, a beautiful space designed specifically for college students and their wants and needs
    • It’s a place where they can relax, eat, sleep, do homework and chill with friends