Professional Sales Program

Georgia State University’s Robinson College of Business offers select students the opportunity to earn a Certificate in Professional Selling.  This opportunity is available to those students who complete a rigorous program of sales courses while maintaining a high GPA (grade point average) throughout their sales classes.  With over 250 students who enroll in our sales courses each year, we are able to identify many outstanding highly motivated sales certificate graduates and potential hires for employers.

Georgia State is an urban research university with over 31,000 students; 8,100 of whom are enrolled in the Robinson College of Business.  Bloomberg Business ranked Robinson’s part-time MBA as # 1 in Georgia and 8th among all US programs.  Robinson’s undergraduate program ranked 55th overall and 31st among public universities in the US News & World Reports annual rankings.

Our students are diverse, (see statistics below), and mature, with our undergraduates averaging 24 years of age. They typically have a very strong work ethic, with many holding down jobs to pay their own way through college.

Georgia State University student population diversity statistics:

·         White 40%

·         Black 33%

·         Asian 13%

·         Hispanic 8%

·         Multiracial 4%

·         Other/not reported 6%

Graduates of the GSU sales program have landed jobs with companies like Hewlett Packard, Whirlpool, Graybar, ADP, TEK Systems, Oracle and Paycom among many others.

23 thoughts on “Professional Sales Program

  1. Good afternoon,

    I am a recruiter for Midwest Industrial Rubber, the premier independent, specialty fabricator and distributor of light weight conveyor belting and accessories in North America. We currently have a Sales Trainee position open in the Suwanee, Georgia with our company and are looking for candidates straight out of college who are eager to join a sales team. I am just reaching out to see if there is a job board, or some other way to reach those students in your Professional Sales program who might have the qualifications that we are looking for.

    Thanks in advance for your help,

    Rikki Vogel, Recruiter
    Midwest Industrial Rubber 314-227-2142

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