Team Parent is composed of postdoctoral, doctoral, post-baccalaureate, and undergraduate researchers conducting experiments examining the relationship between memory and energy intake in rodents.


In addition to research activities, Dr. Parent works closely with postdoctoral fellows and graduate students in many other aspects of their professional development, such as writing, networking, and career-life balance. She uses a mentor apprenticeship program wherein she works closely with postdoctoral fellows and graduate students as they mentor undergraduate students.

We are grateful for the technical assistance provided by our impressive contingent of undergraduate students. Undergraduate research members of our team are given training in the scientific method, research techniques, how to present scientific findings, and how to evaluate scientific literature.

We also think it is important to learn how to communicate about science to the public and participate in school visits sponsored by the Atlanta Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience and participate in the Atlanta Science Festival and Brain Awareness Week.

To apply for a volunteer position in the Parent lab, download, complete, and email the Volunteer Application Form to

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