An hour at Perimeter Mall.. descriptive notes

On the cool night of January 28th, I parked my 2007 Volvo XC90 outside of perimeter mall in Dun-woody, Georgia. The vast parking lot contained handicap parking spaces, priced valet parking places, and free parking areas. I arrived an hour before the mall’s nine pm closing hour and chose a free parking spot closest to the entrance. The car next to me was a modern black Audi. Two out of every three cars were either luxury or modern vehicles which made me feel out of place in my Volvo. The parking lot was about three fifths empty. Most cars and people were on their way out. The people were walking swiftly in and out of the mall. Most of the crowd was of younger aged and middle aged people. Out of the customers leaving, most only carried one or two bags in their hands. I counted more people that appeared younger walking in and out the entrance than older people. Although, I counted more older people carrying shopping bags than the people that appeared younger.

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