Artifacts & Signage For King Plow Interior Site



A rusted (apparently) metal sculpture in front of what looks like a metal door, a cog, and pipe. Notice the industrial style this setup gives off.




This is a picture of the ceiling of the building, with all of its wooden beams and metal pipes. I think this looks really cool. It has an industrial and steampunk feel to it. A homage to what the building once was (a plow factory). The green light is a nice touch and serves to accentuate the style.




A narrow corridor filled with artifacts from what the building once represented. A brief passage through the past.




I took ┬áthis picture to show the basic setup of this space. When you first enter there’s this huge hallway that branches out (from the sides) into different rooms and studios. You can also see how shiny the floor is, which is something that stuck out to me when I first entered this space.




Here’s a giant mechanical machine that I’m assuming was something that was used in the plow manufacturing process. It looks like somebody painted it, marrying the past with the present and adding color to a device that would otherwise appear cold.




This is a picture of the King Plow sign behind some wooden beams, which can be found in the middle of the main hallway. I took the picture because I thought it looked cool. That rusted red color is all over the inside of this space in the form of bricks, metal, and signs, adding to the industrial style.




Here’s another scene that stood out to me as really adding to the industrial style of the space.



I feel like a broken record here but here is another scene displaying what the building once was, providing the observer with some history in the form of old photographs of the plow factory along with adding to the industrial feel of the space.