Welcome to The Underground: Visit #1 Field Notes

People Watching: Homeless people lounging (seemingly trying to soak up the sun); people sitting along the fountain outside (eating, talking); shoppers browsing, workers rushing back from their lunch break, GSU students eating in the food court and shopping, tourists (few) reading historic plaques located around the establishment; mainly African-American, “Atlantans”;

Environment: 3:30 pm on one of those sunny winter days in Georgia that is slightly warm in the sun but cold in the shade; In the Underground, it seems dark, and slightly abandoned (because of the lack of people and some closed storefronts); red brick “streets” and concrete sidewalks (real underground streets); Laid-back vibe; Stores and vendors line the underground streets (all-natural beauty products, clothing, Atlanta merchandise); One particularly abandoned street with no businesses or traffic at the intersection of Alabama and Pryor street (further investigation: a plaque explains there was once a hotel located in that spot); other generally deserted area there’s a model train that is used as an information booth (around the train there are facts and pictures of historic underground); food court; Ads around the underground invite tourists to explore Atlanta; relatively clean area

Food: smells of food court serving Asian food, southern style food, subway, etc

History: There are plaques located around with information about the history of the spot they are located; The Gas Lamp; Train memorabilia; structure is dated but kept in decent condition; Info desk has handouts about history; “Walking Tour” pamphlet; historic facts/photos around train info booth

Walking Tour: took walking tour (guided by pamphlet); Gas Lamp; Railroad Depot; Upper/Street Level; Underground is actually called the main level and the street level is referred to as “the attic”; Peachtree Fountains;

 Significant Points: Trains; History; Exterior/Interior blended structure;


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