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Unit 1: Assignment 3


Tool inventory

Task Tool Reason
You have to lead an online presentation on the contents of your history term paper Collaborative Visualization Tools I would use a program called Prezi so that I could create an interactive presentation that can incorporate videos, pictures and other interactive hyperlinks
The final exam for your economics course is coming up, and you need to collect all of your (and hopefully your classmates’) online resources for a study guide. Google Drive I would use Google Drive because by using this my group can copy and paste our findings in a way that we could all edit and collaborate without us having to be in the same room. As long as they have a google account it works out smoothly.
You need to create an interactive tour of Berlin as an assignment for your study abroad program Video Conferencing, Skype, Facetime, oovoo, Facebook Live/Instagram Live In order for me to create a live tour of Berlin I would have to contact somebody who is already there and I could use their footage to make the tour even more real.
You and a group of your classmates have been asked to do a collaborative research project on how Facebook has affected the social habits of young adults Social Networks, and Online Collaborative tools for projects In order to accomplish this task we would use data from social media sites such as facebook then share them on google drive or dropbox so that we could still be connected to each other without having to be next to one another.