When looking at the politically influenced landscape of Atlanta, one of the most important sites to look at is the King Center. Martin Luther King Jr. is someone who is commonly thought of when thinking about strong political forces working for change. Even though he didn’t necessarily work in politics himself, he fought for civic change that would lead to political development throughout the country. The King Center was founded in 1968 by Coretta Scott King, Martin Luther King Jr.’s wife. Since its creation, millions of people from around the world have come to Auburn Avenue to see some of the memories of MLK and to see how we can work together as a society to progress. Upon entering the structure, the exhibits are easily navigated, enabling the visitors to explore and find information about the developing political atmosphere of the area.


Throughout the King Center, there are artifacts that once belonged to Dr. King, as well as information and items that work to describe Civil Rights movement, and how there is still a need for people to fight for equal rights. Not only is there a discussion of civil rights in America, but there are exhibits of civil rights activists from around the world, such as Gandhi. Even though there is a lot of information present in the site, there is not a lot to draw you in from the outside. There are more muted colors, such as the browns of the brick and the dark green of the shrubbery. However, there are two key points of color that will draw the attention of many people. The first is the long pool of water, with bright blue water, but the most eye catching is the Eternal Flame, which burns 24/7, and is easily seen from the street. If more people understand what they are and what site they are located on, it may draw more visitors. The location of the King Center may be one of the issues. There isn’t a whole lot around it, and it is not in an area with a lot of other largely visited sites. However, the location is important because Martin Luther King Jr. was born in the area and they felt this was an important area to build it.

The classes and information presented at this location may lead the way to younger generations working to change the social structure. As we progress as a society, politics will play an ever increasing role in protecting these differing groups, and that is why the King Center is such an important landmark on Auburn Avenue.