Major Project Ajoi & Shawnice

Shawnice’s Academic Self


            Shawnice Tasher Academic Profile

        Shawince is twenty year old humble and determined student. Growing up Shawnice always looked up to her older sister Loyata. She is her absolute role model. Shawince confided in me how much she looked up to her. Her sister was very intelligent and filled with determination which was no doubt passed on to Shawnice. She lived in New York City and graduated from Martin Van Buren High School. She did not really enjoy going to school due to the early morning bus rides and hustle of the city, however it provided her the sense of street smart. After she graduated Highschool she immediately started school at Nassau Community college. Shawnice ended up moving to Georgia and now she has been attending GSU for about two years. The most frustrating thing about college she described was starting over the application process and getting all the documents submitted from another state and the run around Georgia state gave her.

       Shawnice is currently majoring in health and science to become a dental hygienist. When I asked her why she wanted to be a hygienist, she told me she’s always been a little obsessed with people’s smiles and maintaining her healthy teeth. Not only is Shawnice very focused on her life goals and what she wants to accomplish, but she is also a very loving person. She believes God put her on this earth to help others and make others happy. Like myself, Shawnice is a very caring, loving person. You can tell she loves her family a lot. She prides herself and spends most of her free time being a good aunt. Helping her sister take care of her nine-month-old nephew and seven-year-old niece.Shawnice loves spending quality time with family.

          Shawnice described her academic self as being determined. From what she’s explained to me throughout her college career, she has had a hard time figuring out what exactly it is that she wants to do, which we bonded over sharing some of our interest and first time confusions about starting college. But when she finally figured out that she wanted to be a successful dental hygienist, she stuck to it and dedicated most of her time to studying and completing her goals. Humble and dedicated, she took six classes per semester to catch up on all the courses she failed when starting college. All while still maintaining a full-time Monday- Friday job. Not only is Shawnice and I both dedicated to our school work. We both had other similarities, such as our work schedule, loving supportive families, and liking to be independent even if it is a bit hard at times.

            Having one more semester left to graduate with her associates and start the dental hygiene program, Shawnice describes her last few semesters as being the hardest because not only were classes getting harder, but there are a few life obstacles that she had to get past as well, but she stayed focused and determined to become the young lady she is today.

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  1. Wow, you have written a good essay that each paragraph is described on main topics about her. She sounds like a hard working woman that takes care of herself and her family as she is following her dreams for her future.

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