Digital Record #1, #2 and #3

Digital Record #1

Marta Gates 

Above is a picture showing the entrance gates to the Marta station. It involves you grabbing a ticket that stamps your entry into the facility. Dependent on your length of time, this will accrue charges for parking within MARTA. Typically $5-$8 per visit. Overnight parking is available.

Digital Record #2



Above picture is a view from the street turning into Marta. This gives you a good view of the extreme size of this structure. It is opened to the outside conditions and is relatively close for walking. Although some alternate transit still make occur dependent on your works proximity to this facility.

Digital Record #3

MARTA Breeze Card

Above picture is a a MARTA Breeze Card. This card allows you entrance through various security structures within MARTA. There are kiosk at the facility in which you register your card and load money onto; each card cost $2 and you must have this in order to ride. Each trip costs money and allows entrance and exit. You can buy in increments of 1 trip at a time or you can by in bulk featuring various amounts of use.

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