Annotated Bibliography 1


Daskalova, Diliana, and Aleksandar D. Slaev. “Diversity In The Suburbs: Socio-Spatial Segregation And Mix In Post-Socialist Sofia.” Habitat International 50.(2015): 42-50. ScienceDirect. Web. 4 Feb. 2016.

The academic journal examines the city of Sofia in Bulgaria. Daskalova discusses how the lower income residents are beginning to reside further into the city because of being closer to potential jobs. This same theory is prevalent in America also. The higher income citizens are now moving out away from the city as a result of the poor people coming in. Higher income people are taking over the now rural poor surroundings of the city forcing the poor out by raising property values. The article suggests that this trend will continue and an almost complete segregation of lower and higher income people may happen in Sofia if the suburbanization doesn’t end.


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