Pros and Cons of Writing Tasks

Research papers and essays are an integral part of the overall educational process. Many academic institutions assign their undergraduates multiple writing tasks as part of their coursework. Take Georgia State University, for example; the varsity dishes over 10,000 thesis statements to scholars each year.  

Submitting an excellent research paper demands excellent academic writing skills, research methods, and analytical skills to help you conjure appropriate insights. Additionally, it also helps you arrive at a good presentation. However, it is not an easy task as it will take up a considerable chunk of your time, not to mention the exhaustion and mental fatigue that will follow.

This has led many students to seek the help of online essay services to help them with their papers. If you’re conflicted about this, here are the pros and cons of writing tasks by yourself.

Pros/ Advantages

  • You are in Charge of the Topic and its Content

There are many perks to working on scholastic papers on your own. However, one advantage is that you get to choose your topic. Since you are solely responsible for working on the paper, the fate of the subject or the overall content is in your hands. This way, you get to choose a topic that you find exciting and relatively easy.

Think of it as you being your boss, and you get to tailor the paper to your liking. You see, when you pay to write a research paper, you also take part in the decision-making process with someone else. You decide what theme and kind of information should be provided, so it will be totally useful for development of your logical skills. A professional writer will just arrange the text in a proper way, so it will not influence the educational progress.

  • It Prepares You for the Real-World Jobs

Coming from high school, many college goers often struggle to adapt to academic life on campus as the education system does not prepare individuals for the rigorous curriculum. However, one thing that college does is prepare scholars for life after campus.

For instance, specific jobs may require a college graduate to compose an academic essay in front of a commission of interviewers. In fact, when applying for a graduate program at any college in the united states, including Georgia State, you will be required to submit an essay detailing your skills and academic background.

 In many ways, educational writing prepares you for the real world out there, depending on the job or career path you choose.  

  • It Allows Valuable Feedback

Working on your paper allows you constructive feedback, which is essential as it improves your skills. If you choose to settle for online writing services, you may not receive feedback that helps you as the work was done by someone else.

Furthermore, if you choose the pay to write your task, you might not improve your skills and may end up stagnating. However, if you decide to write your paper, you will gradually improve your research paper skills, which will help you with future assignments.

Cons/ Disadvantages

  • You Have to Know All the Details

Working on a writing task requires a student to know all about the discipline in question. For a scholar, this means countless hours of research from online sources, books, and other educational material that might prove to be useful. This might be challenging, especially if the topic that the lecturer assigns you is not what you are familiar with.

  • It is Time Consuming

It is no secret that drafting an educational paper takes up a lot of time. As mentioned above, you first need to research extensively before you even start working on the paper. You are also likely to take more time planning and revising the relevant pieces necessary for the article. This entire process is often time-consuming.

Remember that working on a scholastic paper demands scholars to meet the high standards that characterize educational papers. This means that you have to go through your paper a couple of times after ensuring that there are little to no grammatical errors. As a result, you could end up spending so much time on your paper that you might have to sacrifice time spent on other areas of your life.

  • You Can Easily Tire and Feel Frustrated

Many are the times that scholars find themselves stuck and confused about the details of the paper. This could stem from the instructions or the assignment itself. Regardless, working on this kind of essay by yourself could leave you confused and frustrated.

Such frustrations might leave you feeling miserable and tired. As a result, you might become complacent and make novice research paper mistakes such as plagiarism and grammatical errors, which will negatively affect your chances of scoring a high grade.

 To get around this obstacle, you might want to trigger the pay to write the research paper option. Alternatively, you should consider planning beforehand to create lists and outlines to guide you as you work on the paper.


Student success is dependent on the individual’s ability to consistently conjure excellent educational papers over the course of their stay in campus. Many universities, including Georgia State, assign numerous college papers to their scholars as part of the coursework.

Many undergraduates often choose to have online research paper writers to help them, while some decide to write the paper themselves. As explained above, there are many advantages and disadvantages of doing the work by yourself, just like most tasks in life. Regardless, you are at liberty to choose whether such kind of work is effective for you or not. 

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