How Energy Electronics Are Changing the Mobile Computer Industry With the New Product, Sonim RS80?

Mobile computers, in a nutshell, are devices that allow users to access their data from any location. Rugged mobile devices are designed to provide the same functionality in the toughest conditions. For years, manufacturers have been seeking a balance between powerful characteristics and invincible build, though it wasn’t always that simple. Finally, the day has come, and a device that combines high-end features, a fully-rugged body, and a reasonable price, is available for purchase.

Sonim is a well-established and trusted rugged device manufacturer that used to specialize mostly in smartphones, until recently. With RS80, an advanced rugged handheld computer in a tablet form, Sonim has leveled up the game. This device outperforms the absolute majority of competitors on the market in the most important metrics, changing the whole industry standard. Let’s break down the main RS80 features to see what’s been improved and how this device differs from offerings of other brands.

The Operating System

Sonim RS80 operates on Android 10. This choice ensures a healthy balance between a wide capability range and long battery life. For instance, the Getac T800, one of the main RS80 competitors, features Windows 10 (we’ve recently compared the pair – read a detailed review in the Energy Electronics LLC award winning tech blog). 

Despite its ability to handle powerful operations, it has two significant disadvantages crucial for this kind of device. Windows may drain the battery several times faster than Android and makes the device run warm, consequently limiting use in extremely hot temperatures. 

With Android, communication is made simple, and many of your employees are likely already familiar with the system. Plus, Android allows tailoring the privacy settings to your preference, deciding how much data is shared with specific apps or people. Your sensitive company information is under reliable protection that’s fully controlled solely by you. A unique Android Focus Mode feature helps you pause selected applications at specified times to reduce work distractions.

Is It Really That Powerful?

When it comes to the processor, Sonim RS80 is one of the most powerful options currently available. With a 2.2GHz Qualcomm Octa-core chipset, any application runs smoothly and without lags. Furthermore, the processor helps to optimize battery usage, extending the device’s life. Plenty of competitor rugged handheld computers still utilize older Intel processors that do the job, but not nearly as great as Qualcomm Octa-core. Battery capacity is truly impressive, about twice as high as that offered by most competitor devices. An 8200 mAh Li-ion battery guarantees a full day of active working and is replaceable, just in case you need to use the device even longer.

Keeping Your Team Connected

Sonim RS80 provides you with plenty of tools to keep your team connected at all times. It supports Bluetooth 4.2 for fast file sharing and 4G LTE, so you don’t have to rely on a Wi-Fi network. Internet connection is crucial for many daily business operations nowadays, though until recently, many handheld computers didn’t feature LTE. NFS is another useful function for quick data sharing between Android devices. The most interesting connectivity feature of RS80, however, is BLE technology. It locates your lost device even when the battery is drained, ensuring that your important data is always safe.

Nearly Indestructible

The functionality of Sonim RS80 is in a sense revolutionary for handheld computers, but what about the physical characteristics? Here, Sonim has stepped up by introducing an 8-inch screen for more convenient and prolonged use. It’s protected by Gorilla Glass 3, an anti-fingerprint coating, and is sunlight readable. These features aren’t unusual for this kind of computer, but the display also supports glove and wet touch modes that aren’t present in any competitor device. Cleaning hands or escaping rain isn’t always possible in the field, and Sonim has kept that in mind when they developed RS80.

Another mention is the programmable keys; quite a rare feature even for the most top-notch professional devices. They allow you to tailor the user experience to your preference, quickly accessing the most used apps and improving workflow efficiency. A 3.5mm audio jack is incredibly useful for professionals working in loud environments or using headphones for equipment. Surprisingly, that’s another rare feature for handheld computers. Finally, Sonim RS80 is protected by the best industry standards. It’s MIL-STD-810G military-grade certified and follows IP-67 waterproof protocol.

In other words, Sonim RS80 can survive multiple drops on concrete and a wide range of liquids. The device can be wiped or fully submerged in acetone, bleach, gasoline, detergent, and more chemicals without any consequences. It operates at extreme temperatures from -4F to 131F and can be stored in even harsher conditions. Naturally, physical protection is obligatory for any rugged device, but such high standards are still quite unique and provide more industry versatility.

Last but not least, all of that is achieved while keeping the device weight under 1.5lbs. For comparison, Zebra L10 XPAD weighs 3lbs with only a slightly larger display (see the full comparison here).

Functionality for Any Industry

Sonim RS80 is extremely versatile and suitable for nearly any industry. That’s ensured not by the build alone but also by a set of scanners and sensors. It features ambient light and proximity sensors, an accelerometer, barometer, e-compass, gyro, and an advanced barcode scanner. The latter deserves special recognition, as it’s capable of recognizing even worn-out codes at low lighting. Up to 45 barcodes in a minute is a one-of-a-kind result. On the contrary, many previous-generation devices don’t offer scanners at all or provide them for an additional cost. This makes Sonim RS80 perfect for warehouses, logistics, manufacturing, construction works, and plenty of other industries. No need to purchase extra hardware, as all you need fits in one compact computer. A quick reminder – programmable keys can be set to enable scanners for maximum convenience. Two cameras aren’t rare in handheld computers, though they are a great bonus.

Best Value

Sonim RS80 combines all the features you may think of at one of the most reasonable prices on the market, coming in at about $1,200. That’s an incredible quality/price ratio which, naturally, does play an important role in decision-making. The functionality is top-notch, creating a precedent in the industry. We provide great offers on bulk orders, so contact Energy Electronics directly to request a pricing quote for Sonim RS80.

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