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iCollege is more than just a learning management system—it is a digital learning environment that brings together learning technologies and digital courseware from multiple vendors into a single environment making it easier for instructors and students to engage with those technologies.   

Integrating learning technologies and digital courseware into iCollege can have several advantages: 

  • Single Sign-On 
    Allows instructors and students to login once to iCollege but gain access to multiple learning technologies and digital courseware.   
    Eliminates the need to juggle multiple usernames and passwords. 
  • Rostering 
    Syncs your iCollege class list with the rosters in the integrated technologies. 
    Eliminates the need for instructors to manually populate the learning technologies or digital courseware with student names. 
  • Grade book Sync 
    Allows grades from multiple learning technologies and digital courseware to appear in the iCollege grade book. 
  • Deeplinking 
    Allows content, activities, and assessments from integrated learning technologies and digital courseware to be embedded within iCollege content modules providing students with a seamless experience. 
    Provides for a smooth transition between instructor-authored iCollege content, activities, and assessments and integrated content, activities, and assessments. 
  • Unique Identifier Sharing 
    When students pass from iCollege to an integrated learning technology or digital courseware platform, the unique identifier associated with that student in iCollege is often stored in the third-party platform.  The sharing of the unique identifier between systems allows for better access to data and makes it easier to analyze data from these systems and join this learner-generated data with demographic and other data points across the university. 

 When evaluating learning technologies and digital courseware that will be integrated into iCollege ask your vendors and publishers to provide integration information.  Specifically, ask your vendors and publishers to address whether their product supports rostering, grade book sync, and deeplinking.  Stress to them the importance of seeing a live demonstration of the integration with Brightspace by D2L.   

Having your vendors and publishers complete the  Learning Technology Evaluation Toolkit can speed up the process of integrating technologies because it collects some of the required documentation needed for an integration to be approved