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So, you know how we’re constantly writing about design thinking and course redesign? And how we’ve also talked to you quite a bit in the past about getting your students out of the classroom to create more emotionally engaging, situated experiences on both the GSU campus and in the larger community?  But remember how you were like, “Gee, guys, I’d really love to incorporate this type of thing into my course design but – darn it! – I just don’t know where to start”. Well, here’s your chance to get that little push you needed to fling you over the edge. The CETL is proud to announce Inspired By Design, a brand new guided field trip series for faculty. During the semester we’ll be visiting 4 distinct Atlanta-area locations that feature outstanding designs to help inspire you in your own course creation and recreation process. After each experience, we’ll meet up to discuss our insights and consider how we can apply these to our own practices.

Our first trip is to the National Center for Civil and Human Rights on September 16 at 10am. In this first installment, we’ll consider the powerful cumulative effects of emotion and cognition on design and learning. Sign up for this event is now open and space is limited.

Future trips will include outings to the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Atlanta, the Atlanta History Center, and, last but not least, a curated guerilla Atlanta Streetcar tour of local street art.

We look forward to seeing you and learning with you!