Class Notes 1/26


Digital Literacy: Reflects your awareness of digital environment

Summary: Communicating your understanding of a text.

Objective/ Subjective

Notes (Field Work)


  • Primary Research: Original Source, Original Document, Archive (collection of original documents), Interviews, Field Notes, Memoir, Life Experiences, Photographs, Sounds, Video
  • Secondary Research: News, Journalism, Academic Journals, Articles, Google Scholar, Library Databases

Key Words

Example : “5 points Marta Station” > Marta History> Environment> Access> Law> Architecture

Annotated Bibliography

  1. Author, Qualification, Name of Text, Thesis
  2. What kind of evidence?
  3. What is the author’s purpose?
  4. Who is the intended audience?
  5. Why/How is the source useful?


Source Images

Quote Important Passages


End citations (1935).


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