By far, the most valuable resource for the After Malcolm Digital Archive project has been the trust of our community members and colleagues. Our team has been honored to record the memories of individuals whose lives and efforts have directly impacted the world we live in. The rapid success of the project has only been possible through genuine relationships of mutual respect. We hope to continue to carry this ethic as the project develops.

The Department of Special Collections
The After Malcolm research team relies on the training, guidance, and expertise of Georgia State University’s professional archiving and preservation specialists.
Faculty and students on the team gain hands-on experience with the latest in archiving tools, technology, and best practices. Special Collections and the After Malcolm team are currently developing the infrastructure to build an interactive and engaging public digital archive that would provide an invaluable resource for educators, researchers,
and the public at large.

The Brandon Institute
This collection is a treasure of thousands of unpublished photos, recordings, and original documents that bear testament to the Black Freedom Struggle over the course of the twentieth century. Mr. Wali Akbar Muhammad, the founder and curator of the collection, has been an active journalist, editor, and historian for over four decades. The After Malcolm research team has begun to digitize many of the Institute’s holdings and is actively securing resources to make the collection’s holdings available to the public.

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