AUA members are leaders and innovators in the field of literacy education. Members of the honor society are recognized as professionals who conduct research and serve as community activists. Many AUA members serve as leaders by representing the top teachers in our schools, training and collaborating with other teachers, conducting ground-breaking research, presenting at local and national conferences, and writing for local and national publications.



As members of AUA, students will be provided with opportunities that will nurture and develop their academic identities. Being a part of AUA, gives students access to a professional network of educators on the elementary, secondary, and post-secondary levels in literacy education. Some opportunities AUA plans throughout the year for students to network or collaborate with others include: social/networking events, writing retreats, and attending conferences. AUA members also have access to scholarships, research grants, and travel funds for traveling to conferences.



Members of AUA are committed to serving our communities and promoting literacy throughout society. We aim to stimulate interest in reading and promote the growth and development of literacy in local, national, and international communities. Some of the community service events that AUA members plan throughout the year include: donating supplies to classrooms in need, organizing clothing and book drives, providing tutoring to students in underserved areas, and volunteering in the GSU Urban Literacy Clinic.

Please see our calendar for all upcoming leadership, scholarship, and service events.


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