Annotated Bibs – 2nd Round

“Atlanta Reduces Homeless Population (and Saves Money in the Process) – Dec. 11, 2014.” N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Apr. 2016.

Focusing on the increasingly prevalent issue of homelessness inside the perimeter, Atlanta’s Innovation Delivery Team created a way to get more people off of the streets and to save money while doing. The reason why hundreds of other organizations weren’t prospering in helping homelessness dwindle was because all of these organizations had certain areas and criterias in mind, none of which had a common goal. The team helped analyze what the nation’s need was ended up forming a collective called ATL311. ATL311 is a helpline that has reduced the average call time from 120 seconds to 20 seconds. The basis of this line is to improve customer service, thus furthering the city with more connectedness.


“VISIT Krog Street Tunnel: A Street Art Haven | the FEED Atlanta.” N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Apr. 2016. 

Located in betwixt Inman Park and Cabbagetown, the Krog Street Tunnel has been a prominent pillar of rebellion for the Atlanta community. It began as a graffiti-covered act of oppression and slowly transgressed into a visual melting pot. Many bands and companies do a pretty hefty amount of advertising on these colorful walls. There are also chili cook-offs and street festivals that fill up this tunnel to showcase the growing artistic realm of Atlanta. The space remains free to the public to tag and embellish. City Hall has also mentioned that it will remain a stomping ground for artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs alike until further notice.

“Nature Enhances the Built Environment.” CREW Atlanta Blog. N.p., 17 Nov. 2015. Web. 10 Apr. 2016.
The co-mingling of architecture and landscaping can have a unique effect on the environment. The first key point is that, with the integration of nature into the built environment, there are plants that can sustain themselves throughout longer periods of drought. Second, there is a specific type of grass (Mondo Grass) that is actually evergreen so it’s very short and never needs to be mowed so the upkeep is easy. Third, trees provide a decent amount of shade to buildings which ends up cutting down the cost of air conditioning. Fourth, bioswale systems are systems that are essentially paved into the concrete of parking lots and streets that can filter off the rainwater and integrate back into the ecosystem. And last but not least, the sound of water is very soothing and stimulating so incorporating these features with the aforementioned ones could lead to an ecosystem and industrialism merge.