March 3 Ending Reflection

Dear John Lewis,

This time my class read through pages 174 through 246 of March book 3. In these pages, lots of events occurred. Jimmie Lee Jackson was died from being shot by officers while protesting in Alabama. Malcolm X had been assassinated and you were grieving over his death despite your different views. At Jacksons’ funereal the idea of a Selma to Montgomery march had been born. You had a disagreement with SNCC and decided that you would March by yourself, not representing SNCC. The story goes to 2009 when you met Obama and received a postcard from him. At the first Selma to Montgomery march, the marchers were viciously attacked and you thought you would die. Because of it being televised, that day was known as Bloody Sunday. Lyndon B. Johnson called to end all voting rights discrimination. The Selma to Montgomery march did successfully happen. In the end, the 1965 voting rights act was signed into law.
What I read made me feel, for the most part, happy and satisfied to see that all the sacrifices and hardship for the right to vote finally paid off. I was unhappy to see that people, like yourself, were beaten and even murdered to try and get the right to vote.
The issues brought up in this story is of racism and inequality. The denying of black people the right to vote is unconstitutional and racist. Denying one the right to vote goes against Americas’ democratic values. Therefore whether its injustice or racism it is the responsibility of everyone to combat these issues because these problems are relevant to everybody. To combat such issues, we need to bring awareness to issues such as racism and injustice. If people don’t know there is a problem then it is more likely they won’t help fight against it.

Sincerely, Uzzal Das

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