15th Century Poetry in Buckhead: The Hoccleve Archive hits SAMLA

Last Friday night, the SIF Hoccleve team presented our work at the South Atlantic Modern Language Association conference, held this year in Buckhead. The conference theme this year was sustainability, and our poster highlighted the way that the Hoccleve Archive Project sustains a corpus of texts, and functions as a pedagogical sight for the sustenance of textual scholarship skills. The poster session was very attended, and we got a lot of people interested in our project.

Spreading the word

Spreading the word

Besides the poster, we displayed a slideshow documenting the work we have done transforming the old HOCCLEX files into .TXT and XML formats

Having now cracked the nut of opening the HOCCLEX files, we are now moving on to putting up a TEI enhanced digital edition of the poems of the holograph manuscripts.

the SIF's of the Hoccleve Archive

the SIF’s of the Hoccleve Archive

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  1. The presentation at the SAMLA conference has been an amazing experience. We have got a lot of people who came from different parts of the country, coming to us, interested in our project.It was a well attended conference, with people excited to show up their work. We have also got books and other publications put up at the conference for discounted prices. Dylan has summarized the conference in a very crisp way. Good going!!

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