Practice Research Questions

Photo by Leo Hidalgo (Flickr, cc)

Photo by Leo Hidalgo (Flickr, cc)

First we have to imagine an interesting question, a real emotional response to a question. This will inspire your research and your conversations about your research. Communicate. Talk to people about what you’re finding or not. If not, why not? Why would you want to answer these questions?

When was Lenox Mall built? how did it obtain its reputation? Does its popularity effect its prices?

Why is it that a majority of black people shop at flea markets? Do they shop at the flea markets in Atlanta?

How does the built environment of the “shopping plaza” attract people? which people? where? why?

Why are the residents of downtown Atlanta only 5.4% Hispanic? Does it have anything to do with the built environment?

Why are the residents of downtown only 8% married male, 11% married female, 88% single male/81% single female? And young (20-24)? (

Given specific entertainment venues, what {design} strategies are taken to attract a certain crowd? Which? What artists/promotions are used/booked? when? How does the venue affect the price of tickets? Why? how does location affect the form of transportation someone chooses to get to the venue? Why? What do the venues have in common [design?]?

What is there in Atl other than “southern comfort” food?

Why are restaurants in ATL expensive? Are there any family run, authentic restaurants? how diverse are ATL restaurants? What are the demographics of people who eat at which restaurants?

Why are there so many potholes in the road? Why is the construction log as hell on the roads? Why does the roads downtown feel small compared to the suburbs? Why arent there many sidewalks in ATl? Why are the roads uneven in ATL?

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