End of the book but a new beginning (March #3)

Dear John Lewis,

So we have finally read the end of the book. We still see the challenges that were faced and the barriers that had to be overcome. We had bloody Sunday, which was such a tragic event. However, we also skip ahead to when Obama was elected president to show how far we have gotten. Lastly, we end the with you wanting to make a book (this book) which leads us to now.

MARCH Book written by John Lewis

Now that I have read the whole book there is a lot to reflect on. However, I would like to focus on the impact of the format of the book. I personally loved the book because it helped induce some pathos to the readers. The visual illustrations made me understand what it must have been like and helped put things into perspective. You made this book in a perfect way for anyone to be able to read it as well as comprehend it. The last page of the book was your phone ringing but you never revealed to us who it was. My question is who was it? I have been pondering that and some of my classmates talked about it too however, we can’t seem to understand who it is. My opinion is that it might be Obama telling you he is running for president because this was in 2008 one year before Obama was inaugurated.    

John Lewis receiving a metal

In society today we just need to keep doing what we are doing. For the most part, I think (or like to think) many people seem to be on the side of justice. However, there are outliers who get in our way but as history has shown the good are always the last ones standing. As the years have gone by not only has racism become closer to eliminating but many types of discrimination. We just have to keep grinding it out. John Lewis, I want to thank you for being one of the people who took that first step no matter how hard it was.


Thanks so much,

Jonathan Nooriel

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