To John Lewis… (4)

Dear Mr. Lewis,

Reading pages 184 to 246 of “March: Book Three”, provided me some more insight to the Civil Rights Movement previously thought unimaginable. It was like I was really living in the moment. That’s how powerful the message was when I read this section.

In this section of the story, lots more people have died. Most notably Malcolm X and Jimmie Lee Jackson. I knew that there was going to be an planned event to march from Selma to Montgomery, but I had no idea that everyone in the SNCC apart from you would disagree on it. When I was in Middle School, I heard about what happened at Selma years ago and couldn’t have imagined what it would be like to be brutally beaten by police. Most people like me would have snapped and try to fight back, but what was that going to do? I was glad that they allowed for the March to happen two weeks after Bloody Sunday, because it does give hope. I also love the sections with the now former President Barack Obama. To me, this was a major accomplishment.

To me, these events were like “a final push to be heard”. Change was needed in America and they couldn’t have been a better time back then, because it would have been too late. Was it over and done for on Bloody Sunday? Did it give some hope for citizens and the future when the march was allowed? Maybe so, but as of now there is still current problems. In the present, there is still police brutality on African-Americans and different forms of violence in the streets. And we want to fight back, then we’re going to fight back. But this wasn’t in vain, as it could have been worse, had this never happened.

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