FBED west end park



As I Sat at Oak St SW, It was about 4:45 in the afternoon.  I was surrounded by a large amount of big brown trees with rough skin and was tall and huge.There where plenty of nice shade under the trees to have a family picnic.The mint green grass cover the whole entire park.The sun was shining so bright I could tell that it was the beginning of a new season. First thing I saw when I was walking to the park was the west end park sign and the little green bushes in front of it.It was a concrete sidewalk that traveled throughout the park as a walk way. The park had a dog waste station but no dog specifically for dogs . It was a big tall green metal pole that held a sign that stated “pet waste station” “Please clean up after your pet”. The sign indicated that pets are welcome and allowed as long as one can keep the area clean by cleaning up behind their pet. The pretty browns leaves covered the park That showed different color patterns that correlated with green grass. The tennis court was surrounded by a silver bob wire that was binned together to created a pattern of diamonds that created the gate. As i walked on the side walked that traveled through the park one can tell that it is old by the residue that was left on the side in the grass. The basketball court was surrounded by a binned gate and in the inside it was white lines that cover the court that tells each special positions on the court.Each end of the basketball court had two big poles with a basket connected to the top of the pole.

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