Ross, Kiran. “Social Media Matters: 6 Reasons Your Business Should Be Blogging – Kansas City Business Journal.” Accessed March 26, 2016.
Kiran Ross is often asked whether business owners should start blogging or not. Ross’s answer is obviously a yes. Not only is it good for the business but it shares they’re business to the whole world. It’s a lot more beneficial to that business is they started up a blog. Not only is it essential to have a blog but also to keep it updated and well informed as to what and who the business is all about. Ross made this article for the purpose of persuading business owners as to why they should crack open a laptop or computer and advance they’re business to the new world of technology. This is an essential reading since in fact the world is changing and if a business doesn’t have a website to share they’re information with it’s most likely never to be found. Now a days people look to they’re phones to find a place to eat, shop, play, etc. If they can’t find a website to go with it most likely they’ll never approach it.