In the article “Making Bathrooms More Accommodating,” Emily Bazelon speaks in depth the issues we have about our current bathrooms, as well as how we should improve them to better accommodate everybody. However, there are people in the world now a days that question the use of split bathrooms. Trans-genders have made it so that we question why we have split bathrooms and why we don’t accommodate their needs for private space. A bathroom is used to unzip and unwind without fear of being judged. However, if you walk into the wrong bathroom sign you may find yourself in a bit of discomfort and embarrassment. Now, only imagine if you walked into the wrong bathroom sign every single time you went to the bathroom. Bazelon brings up points about bathrooms that no other person would have to go through, unless they were transgender. Bazelon believes any solution is better than having a trans-gendered person not being able to decide which bathroom they’ll be accepted in.


Recently Bazelon points out the many issues already occurring around the United States dealing with transgender rights in using women’s bathrooms. Such as that of in Texas where they rejected an ordinance for bathroom use for trans-genders. The citizens of Texas claimed that they wouldn’t dare believe that a male can just go inside a women’s bathroom with no problem. This caused fellow protester’s to even make t-shirts that said “No Men in Women’s Bathroom” as well as having numerous pictures of a man threatening a girl in the bathroom. Which lead voters to be frightened and denied trans-genders the right of a bathroom ordinance.


Another point made out by Bazelon is that if we as human beings can make bathrooms more accommodation for people with disabilities why can’t we make bathrooms for trans-gendered people? On the other hand Illinois is beginning to take action for transgender rights. Granting them permission to use women’s bathrooms, as well as their wishes concerning bathrooms. Which started with a young trans-gendered male turned female who wasn’t allowed to change in the girl’s locker room in school. Who then filed a case and received rights to change with other female students. The Board of Education stepped in and allowed the girl to change in the girl’s locker room only if she would cover up for the rest of her peers. This was to make sure no one else felt uncomfortable, and they of course had the right to use the curtain or not.


To accommodate is something we shouldn’t take lightly. Accommodating is to make way for other people so that we are all equal and comfortable. Bazleon makes us think before we act. Bathrooms should be a place where we unzip and are vulnerable to a public space. If we do not feel comfortable in a place where we are doing private stuff change is a must. We should take into consideration how others perceive bathrooms. Such as whether or not they belong there or not. Which is no way to treat another human being, not matter what the gender may be.