Overall people have accepted gender equality. Especially now with equal rights marriage being legal in all 50 States of America. Suzanne Tick author of “His & Hers: Designing for a Post-Gender Society” want’s everyone from today’s builders and designers to create and design things that won’t offend anyone, but to make them feel included. After all we are living in a time of gender revolution. Tick mainly tells readers to think twice before doing something that makes certain people feel out of place and unwanted. Tick wants to promote existence and change around the world, this way we can all move forward and move away from all the segregation, racism, and most importantly and mainly focused on right now, gender roles and equality.

Tick explains that people should be more considerate to the gender roles going on in the world. Due to the things that have been happening around the world people should accommodate their wishes and desires. Such as bathrooms for example, we should be allowed to have unisex bathrooms, however still have separate bathrooms at the same time. As well as male dominance in the world. We are currently living in a modernized world ruled by male dominance. With all the new technological advances made, it is still a male dominated world and work place. Lately there has been an increase in importance for women. Which is a step up for gender equality around the world.

We are currently living in a world where gender is being taken into a huge consideration. In today’s world 12 year olds are asking to change their gender into the opposite sex, and female suits are being tailored to look more masculine. Not only that, but college students refuse to identify their gender on forms. There is no limit to our ability, as human beings we can move forward for the better. All Tick asks of us is to include these gender changes into designs we see every day. As well as to embrace this change and not make it a hostile environment for anyone to live in.

Another example of gender change would be in the makeup business. Skin Makeup companies are now targeting male audiences as well as female. I know for a fact that in Korea males do use makeup in order to perceive a more young and fresh look to appeal to companies. This is since huge businesses want a younger look in their job force. Workplaces have even acknowledged women to the point where the designs of jobs have changed over time. For example windows have a more softness in interior, as well as changes in carpeting and textiles, etc.

Overall Tick gives excellent key ideas of change in gender roles and how we need to advance further from where we are now. Reading this article makes me wonder how the next generations will look and how it accommodates our old and new needs. At least I hope for a better tomorrow and equality for all, even if it’s in a bathroom design.