In previous classes I have learned to write by being timed. I learned that under pressure I will do some of my best work. However, I do believe that if I could review my work before submission and made sure it was free of errors I would do a lot better. However, I never did learn to go back and check for errors. It was always an urgent matter to send my writings on time, with no time to fix my grammar or spelling. In the past I didn’t have time to do research, the research would always be given to me before hand, and I would just have to write about what I read. In this class I have learned that I will be given the assignment but I have to go find it as well. Such as going to the library to pick up a copy of the book, or go to the GSU library website and find a PDF form on there. Recently with the built environment description essay’s I had to drive to a site to see how the environment itself was, and conduct research. That is something different that I never thought I had to do. Im not complaining though going out and visiting something new was very interesting and fun to do, ad I don’t mind not one bit. I have learned that primary research is any type of research that I collect through my observations, surveys, etc. Secondary research is still something I haven’t quite figured out yet. I believe it has to do with revising or adding onto someones primary research. As well as summarization of primary research. However they both have to do with someone going out into the world and doing research to conduct a basis of understanding. I plan on using this information of what i’ve learned and putting it in to use in my next assignments’ by making sure I do the right type of research. For example for my my reading summaries and annotated bibliography I will most likely be using Secondary research. As for my built environment descriptions I will have to do primary research. so I can personally relate to my writings. As well as making time to go back and check for errors.

The rhetorical situation would have to be brief summaries for the readings that I do . The audience would also have to include my fellow classmates and of course the professor. Through my posts in this site my peers might use my posts as a helpful guide on how to write their posts, or how they’re suppose to do it. I know when I get lost in a post I go to a fellow peer in hopes to understand what exactly i’m suppose to be doing.

Writing through a blog is more complex than writing essays in a paper and turning it in. In blogs we can’t really do MLA formatting the way I used to do it, regarding the name, date, class, title, etc. It’s also a lot scarier to think that I didn’t put my name on an assignment, because my name is automatically on the site.

I haven’t found the time to read the feedback given back to me. Mainly because I can’t find it. However, I do believe my weakness is getting stuff turned in on time. Recently the things I’ve been doing for extra points is visiting Dr. Wharton during her office hours. This is helpful to me because any questions that I have I can directly ask her. I do plan on doing some of the quizzes on D2L as well. So far I have not been satisfied with the effort I am putting into this class as I would have hoped. Sadly, I have put my concentration in my other classes.

At first I didn’t know what was being asked of me when I was doing the required projects. After going to office hours and getting a better sense of things I think I will do better on future assignments. As well as using the technology that was given to me to complete my work such as Zotero. I think if i do the quizzes on D2L they will improve my work. Since it’s a form of getting to understand writing and actually writing at the same time. I also plan on adding onto my built environment description. I found that to be useful to keep my writing short and to the point. Overall if I manage to find time I will try to do all of the remaining extra credit points in order to improve my grades and writing.