An active homeless shelter in Maryland

I am a Georgia State University freshman that dorms on campus. I tend to go around the city on occasion passing various public areas. I chose my dorm as my […]

Dear John Lewis, In these pages, you showed just how much needed to be done by African Americans in their constant battle for voting rights. Their many non-violent protests as […]

My Room as a SPACE

  As I spend most of my time here, it would only be natural that I chose my own room to perform my 30 minutes of observance. Also, since my […]

Dear John Lewis, With this first major section, you showed how prevalent the corruption of police officers was at the time. You conveyed through various degrees how much they would […]

Dear John Lewis, With merely the opening to “MARCH: Book Three”, you’ve put forth quite a few details, emotions, and visuals that most people don’t hear about or often think […]

Press Start to Begin

A medium-size, darkly colored room of an apartment is where I was when I began my start with video games in my life. This was my room as a child, […]

Welcome to your brand new blog at sites@gsu.edu! To get started, edit or delete this post and check out all the other options available to you. For assistance, visit the┬ácomprehensive […]