Class Notes on 11/17/16

Content for Website

  • Professional Bio

Affiliation- schools, employers, and professional organizations

  • Resume- work experience
  • Social Media Profile Link-images?
  • portfolio
  • values
  • certifications
  • publications
  • work experience
  • awards
  • honors
  • credentials
  • languages
  • skills
  • contact me form

Content for Home Page

  • Welcome banner/sign with featured image or media

picture of you

relevant image related to your field

example of your work

image relevant to your personal interests

  • name and pronunciation(if hard to pronounce)
  • site ID


Service Learning Client Packet Contents: 11/15/16

What are we turning in for our client on the day that the packet is due?

Cover Letter(should be in PDF form)

  • What you did?
  • Why you did it?
  • How you use it?
  • Rights to use it
  • needs to be in paragraph form
  • letter head-salutations/conventions
  • sections and section headers
  • organizational strategies
  • chronological or process orientated and around deliverables could be blended

Memorandum of Understanding( should be in PDF form)

Explanation of Tools or Links to Resources

Table of Contents

Sources of Information(could also be included in the contents of the cover letter)

Deliverables-editable forms

Group Meeting on Service Learning Project

On November 8, 2016, our group met with Tim Merritt to discuss about the changes that we wanted to make with Georgia Childcare Association’s new website. We were able to get most of the changes that we wanted done, but there were some things that we couldn’t figure out. We were able to figure out how to put a <Donate Now> button on the home page that lined up with the <Register Now> button. We were also able to figure out how to change the main picture on the home page. But, we could not figure out how to move the phrase on the picture on the home page. Our client asked us to move the phrase below the picture or somewhere where it was not blocking the picture. This is something that we need to figure out. We have finished editing all the menu buttons with new drop down bars. So, our next step for this project is to start writing content for the blank pages and editing the content for the pages that already have some stuff written on them.

Social Media Profile Post

A business that I would like to work with is Wells Fargo. Their social media profile on twitter has lots of pictures and videos. I think that when I create my social media profile that I will also put some pictures and videos. The pictures and videos that I will put on my social media profile will be about the things I like to do or the things that I am good at doing, so people who visit my profile will get a better understanding of me. Companies or businesses that visit my profile will also know whether I would be able to a good job if they hire me.

Wells Fargo also post what their objective is and how they help people. Their main objective is to help customers with their financial situations and make sure that they are satisfied with their business with Wells Fargo. I think that on my social media profile that I should also have a clear objective of what kind of business that I would like to work with. I should also be clear with what I can do to help the business that I want to work with. I think that these are the two aspects that I can take from Wells Fargo’s profile and keep in mind when I am making my own profile.



Finance Job Advertisement

  • well versed
  • Chartered Accountant(ACA)
  • Cost and Management Accountant(ACMA)
  • aspects
  • financial operations
  • Code of Corporate Governance
  • General Manager(Finance)/CFO
  • candidate

Class Notes for: 10/20/16

Reading Annotations 3 and 4:

  1. people with disabilities
  • Who is the “audience”?
  • How has the definition of “audience” been albeist historically?
  • thinking in terms of binary gender
  • designing communication that is primarily visual=problematic
  • universal design= alternative or response to albeist design(We think about accessibility all the time because it is good for everyone, not just PWD(People with Disabilities)).

2. cross cultural communication

  • access to technology-compatibility and responsiveness of platforms
  • images-controversial is defined by context, dress & gender codes, subject matter restrictions, meaning may be culturally variable, inclusivity/relevance
  • color-differences in symbolism, colorblindness, linguistic variability, can be affected by technological access

Job Roles for Service Learning Client Project

  • copy writer
  • copy editor
  • content strategist
  • designer
  • research specialist
  • research analyst
  • knowledge manager/management
  • content manager/management
  • client relations
  • project manager
  • account manager
  • photographer
  • production editing
  • usability testing/expert
  • user experience
  • social media marketing
  • social media dates/analyst

Class Notes for 10/18/16

Important Stuff that Needs to be Included in the Service Learning Client Packet:

  • Date
  • Deliverable/goal
  • Draft/stage
  • Primary
  • Internal? External?
  • Feedback requested /received
  • checking in/received feedback

Assigning Roles

  • your responsibility that your own deliverable gets done

GCCA(Georgia Childcare Association)-Our client for the project

  • have navigation buttons done by next week
  • also get page layouts done
  • edit content
  • send original and revised spreadsheet of tabs/navigation

Class Notes for 10/12/16

  • Copy-right infringement and plagiarism are two different things.
  • Copy-right infringement is using a piece of work by copyright law without permission.
  • Plagiarism is using someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as your own.
  • Do research!(for client packet)
  • Do not copy images without permission!
  • use searching up images, videos, or anything about your topic)
  • Do not quote word for word!

  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • includes a schedule
  • scope of work
  • agree not to reuse the content for another client

  • Discuss in groups
  • how to divide the work
  • Who is going to be responsible for what?
  • How are we going to achieve this project?

Pitch Presentation Reflection

I have never done a pitch presentation, so I was kind of confused what we had to do at first. I was also kind of nervous to present something in front of the entire class. Then I met with my group to discuss who was going to do what and how each of us were going to do it, and after that it made a lot more sense to me. For each of our pitch presentation, we each took at least two tabs on Georgia Childcare Association’s (GCCA) new website and discussed to the class and our clients how we can change it. We got a lot of feedback from our clients, so I think that it will help us along the way as we help them make revisions on their new website.

Mid-term Conference Notes and Reflection

  • Dr. Wharton and I discussed how I could improve my reading annotations.
  • On the reading annotations, Dr. Wharton said that she could tell that I read the reading, but she said that I needed more evidence or details. She said that I needed to make more connections in my readings.
  • We talked about my Pitch Presentation.
  • How has our group divided the work on the website for GCCA?
  • talked about how our group is helping GCCA
  • We are editing GCCA’s website.
  • Each of us in the group are responsible for at least two tabs.
  • I am responsible for the Vendor Partners and Resources tabs.
  • Our group has divided the work up by tabs.
  • We talked about what the memorandum is
  • We discussed how we are going to use the memorandum to help our clients.


  • What do I need to improve in this class? I need go to the professor’s office hours more often and make sure that I am always keeping up with the class prep work.
  • How do you think you are ┬ádoing in the class? I think that I am doing pretty good so far by keeping up with the class and doing all the work that I need to do.
  • What have you learned so far in the class? I have learned new things like how to create a website, what technical writing is, the modes of communication, how to annotate articles using a website called, what an rhetorical situation for our Pitch Presentation would be like.
  • What have I learned so far that can also help me outside of the class? I have learned how to interact with clients if I ever needed to help other clients with something. I have learned how to better present ideas in front of people.