Group Meeting on Service Learning Project

On November 8, 2016, our group met with Tim Merritt to discuss about the changes that we wanted to make with Georgia Childcare Association’s new website. We were able to get most of the changes that we wanted done, but there were some things that we couldn’t figure out. We were able to figure out how to put a <Donate Now> button on the home page that lined up with the <Register Now> button. We were also able to figure out how to change the main picture on the home page. But, we could not figure out how to move the phrase on the picture on the home page. Our client asked us to move the phrase below the picture or somewhere where it was not blocking the picture. This is something that we need to figure out. We have finished editing all the menu buttons with new drop down bars. So, our next step for this project is to start writing content for the blank pages and editing the content for the pages that already have some stuff written on them.

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