Mid-term Conference Notes and Reflection

  • Dr. Wharton and I discussed how I could improve my reading annotations.
  • On the reading annotations, Dr. Wharton said that she could tell that I read the reading, but she said that I needed more evidence or details. She said that I needed to make more connections in my readings.
  • We talked about my Pitch Presentation.
  • How has our group divided the work on the website for GCCA?
  • talked about how our group is helping GCCA
  • We are editing GCCA’s website.
  • Each of us in the group are responsible for at least two tabs.
  • I am responsible for the Vendor Partners and Resources tabs.
  • Our group has divided the work up by tabs.
  • We talked about what the memorandum is
  • We discussed how we are going to use the memorandum to help our clients.


  • What do I need to improve in this class? I need go to the professor’s office hours more often and make sure that I am always keeping up with the class prep work.
  • How do you think you are ┬ádoing in the class? I think that I am doing pretty good so far by keeping up with the class and doing all the work that I need to do.
  • What have you learned so far in the class? I have learned new things like how to create a website, what technical writing is, the modes of communication, how to annotate articles using a website called hypothes.is, what an rhetorical situation for our Pitch Presentation would be like.
  • What have I learned so far that can also help me outside of the class? I have learned how to interact with clients if I ever needed to help other clients with something. I have learned how to better present ideas in front of people.

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