Reflection for Reading Annotations on 9/27/16

Albers Article:

Technology has a lot of information that we can take in, and it is always dependent.

We always need to be aware of technology.

How is technology affecting us?

Schryer Article:

This article talks about genres and the different types.

Genre is a dynamic concept.

Genre is a loose structure for organizing rhetoric.

Group 1 Articles:

more user orientated

strategies to deal with technical communication: rhetorical, wicked problems framework, interdisciplinary

different ways for thinking about technical communication

Group 2 Articles:

technical writing is a process

awareness of genres



Pitch Presentation Draft

Vendor Partners Tab

I think that Become a Conference Vendor should be under the Training and Events Tab on the new website.

The What Our Partners Say About GCCA link should be a blog page for people to write their opinions about how they feel like GCCA is helping them.

Only members should be able to write on the blog.

The Benefits of Associate Partnership link should be moved under the Vendor Partners tab.

Under the Vendor Partners tab, it should have all of the partners that support GCCA and what they do.

The Join as an Associate Partner should be a separate button. It should be a call to action button.

In their new website, they have nothing on this tab.


I think that they still keep the GCCA Board Nomination Form as a separate tab, but I feel that it should only be made for the employees/people who work for GCCA

The GCCA in the News tab is all really old news.

I think that they should get rid of all the news and later on when they get in the news that they should put it on their blog.

The Take Action tabs have too much information.

I think that it needs to be condensed and if people want to read more about them then, there should be a link at the bottom of them that says Read More>>.


Resources Tab:

They also have nothing on this tab in their new website.

On their old website, the tab is called Provider Resources.

They have a lot of information on their old website. I think that they should get rid of as much information as possible, but still try to get their point across.

Criminal Background Services and Provider Resources should be combined together.

One of the links does not work on the Business Toolkit Page.




Class Notes for:9/8/16

Why service learning?


provide authentic learning experience,”real-world” experience

service, making an impact on your community

understanding of a broader community

multiple perspectives on complex problems

networking-able t be multi-faceted

connecting university and community


Rewards of service learning: reference, portfolio piece, greater flexibility/adaptability, good PR for GSU, more focus for job search, translate English degree into concrete skills, might get a job/internship

Example Questions to ask client

Audience: What is your audience? What is your target demographic? Who do you serve? Who are your customers? What cultural/political issues do we need to be aware of careful about? Do we need to be aware of issues related to be disability and access?

Purpose: What do you think is working well an what do you want to improve? What new channels of communication have worked/not worked? Which are you/aren’t you interested in revisiting? What are your short/long term goals? How will you be using this?

Author: What do you do? What services do you provide? What is your product? What do you sell?

Genre: ask for go-bys, What do you use? example of the kind of things you like? sequentially audience



Class Notes for:9/15/16

Rhetorical Situation for Pitch Presentation 

Author:                          Purpose:                                            Audience:

You/me                          Client approval                                Clients

Professional                   Client critique                                Clients’ client

Informed                        Client expectations                       Dr. Wharton(our professor)

Interested                      Group cohesion/consensus         Peers

Engaged                         Sell your work                                Users

Responsive                    Learning how to present and work with clients

Student                          Learning how to take criticism effectively


Client Site Visit

  • Georgia Child Care Association’s main goal is to improve the quality of childcare.
  • The three main things that they want to do are: urge for safe environments for children to learn, play, and grow, communicate with the public on issues that have a great effect on families, and educate the people in GCCA(Georgia Child Care Association) about the requirements of the organization.
  • One issue that matters to them is: making sure that the existing laws are still powerful enough in keeping children safe and healthy while diminishing the requirements on providers to complete.
  • Parents need to be aware of what is best for their children. They must choose wisely before sending their children to daycare or camps.
  • Camps that have been approved and licensed have the following: criminal background checks on all the employees, meals and snacks that meet the USDA guidelines, toys and equipment that have already been approved to be clean and non-hazardous, and etcetera.
  • They are partners with many strong organizations like Early Care and Education Consortium, Georgia Chamber of  Commerce, United Way, Voices for Georgia’s Children, and many more.
  • They had a fundraising not too long ago on September 9th 2016 called Super Hero for Heroes. It’s goal was to recognize the everyday heroes in our lives while raising funds for childcare.
  • They have another fundraising event coming up on December 8th 2016. Everyone has a chance to win a 2016 Thomas Built Minotour Bus. This event is to emphasize the safety and comfort of transporting children to different places. The Thomas Minotour Bus meets the needs of drivers and passengers.
  • In the President’s circle, they have donated about $1,000 and over.
  • In the Executive Level, they have donated about $500-$999.
  • In the Director Level, they have donated about $250-$499.
  • In the Benefactor Level, they have donated about $100-$249.
  • And friends of GCCA, have donated up to $99.