Who We Are

The Writing Studio is the name of Georgia State University’s writing center and welcomes students, faculty, staff, and alumni to participate in a conversation about their writing projects. The Studio is student-staffed with a diverse range of tutors, whose interests are as varies as their standings. All Studio tutors participate in tutor training, which exposes them to current writing centers’ pedagogy, and are well-qualified as scholars of multiple genres, modes, and fields of writing. 

For Students

At the Writing Studio, we offer space for conversation, coffee, and seasoned writers, by creating a welcoming community for the GSU community to practice the art of writing. Our purpose is to enhance the writing instruction that happens in academic classrooms by pairing writers with an experienced reader, who engages them in conversation about their writing assignments and ideas and familiarizes them with audience expectations and academic genre conventions. We focus on the rhetorical aspects of the text and provide one-on-one, student-centered teaching on works in progress.

For Scholars

The Writing Studio is passionate about research and scholarship. In fact, many Studio tutors are, engaged in their own research and are intimately aware of the processes and pitfalls associated with long-term work. Studio clients include scholars working on theses, dissertations, and academic research who may need to brainstorm, organize, or find a fresh pair of eyes for perspective. Studio tutors regularly work with clients over the course of a project as sounding boards and to provide feedback along the way.

For Faculty and Staff

One mission of the Writing Studio is to develop relationships with faculty and staff in order to support their efforts inside the classroom. This support can take the form of outreach activities, like classroom visits, in which we can introduce the Studio or present on a specific topic; it can also take the form of offering support materials, like our Studio handouts that offer snapshot advice on everything from Academic Paper Organization to stylebook basics. For more information or to arrange a classroom visit, please reach out to the Studio’s Associate Directors at writing@gsu.edu.