Looking in the crystal ball: What’s in our future?

These past three months has been the most trying times for all us. We have lost jobs, loved ones, and even our own sanity. The shelter-in place orders have been extremely boring and overwhelming. If you told me last year that we would be stuck in our houses for months at a time with no income, barely any water, and no toilet paper or paper towels, I would have  definitely laughed and not even respond to such blasphemy! But yet here we are basking in our homes, fighting for necessities in the store and barely able to see our loved ones and meet new people. You can agree that this situation has been extremely stressful. This new found stressed have forced many people most importantly women into drinking more heavily. Women drink because they want a sense of relaxation, looseness, and freedom. And I’m not just talking about a wine glass or two, we are referring to multiple bottles of wine a day or even hard core liquor. 

“Alcoholic beverage sales rose by 55% in late March, when many states and public health officials urged residents to stay at home, compared to sales in 2019.” This increase in alcohol says was promoted by the stay at home order as well as governers allowing businesses to sell To-Go alcoholic beverages. This has never before been seen unless you’re in New Orleans walking on Bourbon Street. 


Alcohol usage can be quite damaging to the body and eventually become addictive habit in your life. Health professionals have states that drinking alcohol can weaken your immune system, which can result to you putting yourself at risk  to catching Covid-19. “Alcohol, like other substances, can affect the general health of the body, leading to potential outcomes like sleeping less, and a weakened immune system. Individuals should be instituting behaviors that will fortify their health and help keep them protected from the virus”. This article also suggest that the self medicating that people are doing at home with alcohol and drugs can ruin their health. 


We should be more responsible with ourselves and help the people around us who truly struggling during this time. There are plenty of prevention strategies when stress or waves of depression hit you and you’re itching for a drink. “A change of scenery can also be great for mood. If you’re facing a self-quarantine or lockdown, you can still break out of that isolation and go for a walk or hike, as long as you’re mindful of all recommendations about social distancing Trusted Source and prevention of the coronavirus”.  My suggestion is find constructive things to do around the household, things that you have put off to do when you did’t have time. You can even take on a new project with interior and exterior building or remodeling in your home. There are a few universities that are offering few online classes in many subject that you can take and get accreditation for. There are more positive and healthier things to do to cope with your stress so next you’re at the grocery store, make sure to pick up a new cookbook or even a flower to plant before you decide to choose the wine.





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  1. Nice post. There are so many unknowns around COVID-19 and its hard to fathom all the health consequences that may arise from the pandemic. I also have noticed the increased lax in where alcohol beverages can be consumed and purchased from to-go drinks to open containers law being acceptable in downtown and midtown, where it was not previously. The message we are getting is its okay to drink, we’re all going through a hard time. The spike to alcohol sales since the pandemic is noteworthy as it can highlight more coping strategies and mental health awareness are needed across the country. I think people lack a understanding of how they can effectively change their mood in a healthy way rather than they lack responsibility to make a change.

  2. I like the stress relief alternatives listed here. Another great option is meditation and mindfulness, especially for those who aren’t comfortable going outside right now.

  3. Thank you for the list of resources! I am amazed at how different medical clinics and therapy centers have responded with TeleHealth resources. There are also businesses offering classes to give people experiences outside of the house from the comfort of their couches.

  4. I agree with finding constructive things to do. I had a huge problem with this at first because normally if I’m at home I’m doing homework or watching tv before bed; but since social distancing, always being home led me to watching too much tv. But I broke that habit by getting out and riding my bike and finally decorating my apartment!
    Also, kind of random but when I read the New Orleans comment it made me think, how are they able to have multiple drive through establishments solely for Togo daiquiris? And found this interesting: https://www.thekitchn.com/the-drive-thru-daiquiri-a-weird-yet-wonderful-new-orleans-tradition-241670

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